About Fred Kyhle

Belts have been an obvious fashion accessory for centuries and still has an important place in today’s fashion designs. The belt not only keep your trousers in place and your shirt tucked in, but it´s also the link between your upper-and-lower body style. It can be a discreet accessory there just to fulfill its function, or it can be an important link that completes your outfit.

Why belts?

Almost everyone owns a belt and many of us have that one belt which we owned for decades, but we don´t really care or remember where we bought. If we do remember then it’s often because it was so damn expensive and probably made from some fashion brand. The belt is a well-known accessory which is available for purchase in many markets with different designs, qualities, and prices. This is a fact that we believe is a disadvantage for the belt market. Because, even though it exists a broad supply of belts it´s still hard to find that one belt where; price, design, and quality is matched into satisfaction. Our mission is to make that struggle easier by providing the possibility to customize your belt before its crafted. By producing belts on the request from the customer and supply them through the internet, we can reduce stock consumption and produce our belts more resource efficient which makes it possible for us to offer belts of high quality to an affordable price.
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